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I Hate Love Autozone

Well after I did the brake job on the Expedition I tossed the pads and warped rotors into the Raybestos boxes and let them sit for a couple of weeks. I was going to either toss the crap and be done with it, but today I decided to see what kind of trouble I could […]

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Took a break for the brakes

Been updating the GTSparkPlugs.com site and in the midst I had to do a quick break job on my 2003 Ford Expedition. The Autozone rotors seem to have warped or having other pulsing pedal problems. This is the second set of Autozone rotors the car has had. In pulling them off they are worn excessively […]

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Thumbs Up Chuck Norris!

Thumbs up so far. It’s about 90F out today, too the Excursion out for a freeway run that just happened to end at Del Taco! No pump noise, nothing but good brakes and steering (and both at the same time). The PSC pump with the new tank seems to be doing a great job. Their […]

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