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Things that must have a Rant but never a Rave

Gridlocking Bastards or Rats in a Maze

OK, I’m avoiding the Toyota Prius driver these days, just can’t deal with them. On to the only thing worse then the attitude toting Prius driver, and that is the GRIDLOCKING BASTARD. Besides gridlock situations being very dangerous (No fire or police services can pass) it is highly annoying. I think it is ultimate exhibiting […]

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My New Most Hated California Driver

I spend a crap load of time in traffic on the 405 Freeway in Southern California. I drive a LARGE Ford Diesel Excursion and have this re-ocurring dream of having the key to the city, and being allowed to switch the Diesel Truck into 4×4 mode, and just start plowing traffic. Like the dream many […]

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