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Things that must have a Rant but never a Rave

Happy F’n Holidays!

Let’s get this out of the way now, I can be just fine skipping the entire holiday season. From Late November to early January I would be fine with a short suspended animation. I’ll do my shopping after the holidays after everyone else and be happy I got better deals then Cyber Monday, or Black […]

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Jury Selection

As promised I would return with more on the jury selection process.  Jury Selection or “Voir dire”  is where the lawyers accept a juror or reject one base on some of the laws set in place many years ago. The problem is that back then people had integrity and honored their civic duty. As mentioned […]

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Jury Duty… Again

  As it seems I’m the guy that always gets called for jury duty. You may be called as often as 1 year. My schedule seems about like 2 years for the past 6 years. I have got picked on every jury and never rejected from a panel. Here is my most recent fun, and […]

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Another Wrecked Prius

Well on my way to work this morning another delay… Fire trucks blocking the street, and general high traffic. Seems a Prius may have lost control. No idea who’s fault it is, and hopefully no one got hurt. But still I had the feeling of satisfaction seeing another smashed up Prius. I guess I’m still […]

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