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Thumbs Up Chuck Norris!

Thumbs up so far. It’s about 90F out today, too the Excursion out for a freeway run that just happened to end at Del Taco! No pump noise, nothing but good brakes and steering (and both at the same time). The PSC pump with the new tank seems to be doing a great job. Their […]

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Excursion Power Steering Again

Well back at it again. My 2003 Ford Power Stroke Excursion has been plagued with the crappy Ford power steering pump. I replaced a couple of rebuilder pump and they all had similar problems. I finally found people that were swapping the rugged GM P-Series pump into theĀ  Super Duty trucks. Results were good but […]

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Excursion turns 100k

Well it seems the my 2003 Ford Excursion Aka the Jolly Green Giant has clicked past the magical 100,000 mile mark. While I don’t want to jinx my luck the TUV (Truck Utility Vehicle) has been a great truck. The old school 7.3L PSD has had one problem with a leaking injector pump/housing, but other […]

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