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DIY Coil Winder Project

This is an automotive project that is really to build a DIY Ignition system. I had found a DIY project to build a Multi-Spark Ignition system for one of the cars. The project was a few year old in an Australian electronics magazine and has gone over a couple of revisions over the years. I […]

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Chevy LSX Intake Torque Sequence

Been slow to post updates to the site. This installment is the intake manifold for the popular Chevy LSX series of engine. Their are a boat load of different manifolds and styles for these series of engines. If you are running an aftermarket intake they should give specific instructions for how to torque it […]

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Steering Wheel Bolt Patterns

Still adding more stuff to After trying to figure out the different bolt patterns and adapter needed to get the a steering wheel of choice mounted on my Tiger I made up a few LARGE EZ READ charts that has steering wheel information from manufacturers like Momo, Nardi, Personal, Lecarra, Moto-lita, NRG, Grant and […]

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EZ Horn Wiring

Adding more stuff to In this installment I have added some basic information on automotive horns and how to use relays to wire them up. The page will show basic horn types, electric, air and how to hook them up. Sample wiring diagrams and parts are shown for your wiring pleasure. Enjoy! Introduction to […]

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Sample EZ Read Firing Order

Firing Orders…

Hola Amigos it’s been awhile (Onion Reference) I have been doing lots of work on the site. Not sure where to start but one thing that I have added a bunch of was firing orders of different vehicles. I add then on a whim, or when I am in need of one and the […]

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