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Steering Wheel Bolt Patterns

Still adding more stuff to After trying to figure out the different bolt patterns and adapter needed to get the a steering wheel of choice mounted on my Tiger I made up a few LARGE EZ READ charts that has steering wheel information from manufacturers like Momo, Nardi, Personal, Lecarra, Moto-lita, NRG, Grant and […]

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Just starting to get this site back in order. I have been working on the Site for a bit and that is well on it’s way. This site has been neglected and I’m going to start to clean up the mess and start posting again. This is all with the notion that I have […]

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800hp is the new 500hp

It seems to never end. Every time I pass a magazine rack you check out the cover car and they boast something like 590hp Civic, 670hp WRX, 800hp (YOUR BRAND HERE), etc. That’s cool, someone modded up a car and made some big hp. But now those numbers are starting to climb for the production […]

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The Ripper’s World Famous VSE Cobra

Seems being slow to finish my Cobra might land it on TV. Not that I really give a crap about that, it was funny coming across this while reading a blog about Top Gear USA Style. Looking and going well at least the car has some good company as I do like Adam’s Challenge Stradale […]

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