DIY Coil Winder Project

This is an automotive project that is really to build a DIY Ignition system.

I had found a DIY project to build a Multi-Spark Ignition system for one of the cars. The project was a few year old in an Australian electronics magazine and has gone over a couple of revisions over the years. I have decided that since I don’t have enough projects to do I will go about making one and see how it works. About the only thing that is not off the shelf is the special transformer that is needed to be made for the SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) that raises the voltage of the battery to 300+ volts for the capacitive discharge part of the equation.  Any again, while I could just buy a MSD unit (I have a couple spares) I felt it was my duty to waste time and money making my own.

Like any good project you will need to buy or make more tools. This is no exception, and while I could have just wound the transformer by hand, better to have a motorized coil (transformer) winder. I made this to wind small transformers based on the ETD29, ETD34 and ETD39 TDK Epcos coil forms and cores. The coil forms are a plastic form that you wind things up and solder the wires to if your asking. Look at the plastic part on what looks like a mini BBQ rotisserie. I had most of the metal parts but had to order a few bits like the bearing, shaft and counter. 

So without further delay her is the link to the project on

Simple Diy Coil Winder Project

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