Introduction to Relays

Introduction to car relays

GTSparkplugs Introduction to Relays

While working on my Sunbeam Tiger project I had completely re-wired a new dashboard with Speedhut gauges and used a bunch of relays in the project. A few people from the Tiger Facebook page seemed to be afraid of wiring and as such I decided to do an Introduction to Automotive Relays page.

I has the basic styles that are commonly found in aftermarket applications like the Mini sized BOSCH relay that looks like a black ice cube, or the newer style Micro style that I had used.

If you need a quick introduction on how easy it is to wire up a relay to say, fog lights, fans, car horns this is a good start for you.

Coming up next is the Introduction to Car Horns and Wiring. Mainly it will be a simple guide on how to use a relay to wire up your car horns. Stay tuned!

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