The Del Taco Diet

Del Taco Diet

Del Taco Diet

Ok, the holiday’s are about over. So we all need to think about dropping a few (or more) pounds. Exercise and Diet are my plan.

Here’s the test, I have had the argument that it’s mainly a numbers game. If your body burns 1000 calories during a normal day and you consume 2000 calories give that the body isn’t smart enough to just ‘dump’ 1000 of the excess calories you will be gaining some weight. Seems simple, and no I don’t care to discuss the ‘Type’ of calories, carbs, fat, sugars, alcohol, and so on are all the same to me in this experiment.

My old boss said this to me in a discussion and it always resonated with me –

“You want to lose weight, eat fucking less”

I really liked the simplicity of that, so here’s my new diet plan that I’m going to target 1000 calories of food that I like, and that may include junk food products.

1 – Bowl sugar cereal with low fat milk – 200 Calories, Capt’n Crunch box says 150 with skim milk, so up it a bit

2 – REGULAR Del Taco crunchy taco’s, 130 Calories each, 10 calories for Del Scorcho hot sauce (Del Taco Nutrition)
1 – Ice Tea, Non-sweetened 0 Calories

1 Can Campbell’s Chunky Soup or Progresso (Variety) Worst case 300 Calories for entire can
1 Vitamin tablet – 0 Calories

2 – Small Cans V8 – 1 Vegetable serving size 5.5oz is 30 calories each
1 – Coffee / tea with packet of sugar and non-fat 40 calories

Breakfast 200 calories
Lunch 270 calories
Dinner 300 calories
Snacks 100 calories
Total 870 calories

This leaves 130 calories for other crap foods to target the 1000 calories mark. My question is that is this enough of a reduction to lose weight, hell yes. The next question is that is it possible to eat lunch at Del Taco for a bunch of consecutive days in a row? Yes, but I’m most worried about heading out with friends for the Chicken and Waffles special that could blow an entire week, or if not near a Del Taco and have to have a burger which will blow the calorie count through the roof.

I’m going to start a log of the crap food that I eat, but hopefully sticking to this for an entire week. When will this commence? I think I’m going to start this after the New Year’s as that should give me a clear shot without party’s etc.

Stand by, but I’m guessing I may be onto the next big diet… The Del Taco Diet.
Note that this is not sponsored in any way by Del Taco or any of the products mentioned.


3 Responses to The Del Taco Diet

  1. Sandy Ganz January 4, 2014 at 1:35 pm #

    Ok… I am on to something. The 1000 calorie mark may be very optimistic, but the idea is right on the money.

    This looks like it is essentially the same type of diet except at McDonalds. That’s potentially a good diet as you can get sick of McDonalds very quickly and their food is hyper-processed vs. just regular processed.

    Check out the McDonald’s Diet/Experiment right here –

  2. Sandy Ganz January 11, 2014 at 11:45 pm #

    Well, guess what… It gets better at Del Taco with the announcement of the Turkey Taco. However it’s not all sunshine with the new taco that is 33% less fat.

    Here is the regular crunchy taco stats –

    Serving Size Weight 64g
    Calories (kcal) 130
    Calories from Fat (kcal) 70
    Fat (g) 7

    Now the LARGER turkey taco stats –

    Serving Size Weight 96g
    Calories (kcal) 150
    Calories from Fat (kcal) 70
    Fat (g) 8

    This is a hard one, the larger Turkey taco is about 30% more in weight, has 30 more calories, cost more and has about the same fat as the beef taco. I was pulling for the Turkey Taco to really help out, but unless they can serve it up in the budget $0.59 taco version may not help with the Del Taco diet.


  3. Sam January 7, 2016 at 1:42 pm #

    I think this plan could be improved by:

    – Making the calorie goal more attainable: 1500 calories per day is fairly aggressive for a larger, sedentary adult man;
    – adding some protein snacks… I found that eating just enough canned chicken or fish, or beef jerky, can get me a long way through the day, keeps me full for a while because the protein, and only adds around 200 cal;
    – using an app like Lose It! to track intake, so you can compensate for cheat days by either exercising, and telling it to factor in those calories (automatic if you have a fitbit or similar), or compensate by eating less the next day. It’s easier than a spreadsheet since it is in your pocket, and can connect to a db with the calorie count for like, all foods.

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