Happy F’n Holidays!


Let’s get this out of the way now, I can be just fine skipping the entire holiday season. From Late November to early January I would be fine with a short suspended animation. I’ll do my shopping after the holidays after everyone else and be happy I got better deals then Cyber Monday, or Black Friday, or whatever cutesy name the marketing genius come up with. So far this year it’s looking like a good holiday, it’s been in the 70-80F here and it’s early December! I guess this global warming thing is for real, but not much to do about it now other then enjoy a nice warm winter!

Other then that, have not been working on car projects too much, swapped out a set of tires for snow tires (ironic) on my mom’s car did the shocks, but has been a very low automotive month. Just not too much going on. Trying to clean up my garage and data center so time is short for now, but hopefully once the weather clears up (it’s a joke get it…) I’ll get back on The Ripper. I have to install the Watts linkage on the rear and will also likely do a bump steer kit. Then hopefully back on the track!

Happy Holidays!

Sandy Ganz

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