SEMA 2013


Never say Never… yeah I went to the big show again even after I said I would not go again unless forced. Well I was wrong and right for saying that. In the past few trips I became more and more annoyed with all the stupid cars and ridiculous mods that show up on many of the ‘show’ cars. The most annoying is the stupid wide rims with slightly undersized tires and let’s not forget 10 degrees of negative wheel camber to make it fit under fenders. Dumb, and dumb looking. All in all I took a staggering ONE picture at the show, it’s the M&P Gulf Fairlane, cool car.

The SEMA show has all the usual suspects. Some nice products, some carp, and everything that comes between the two. My consolation prize is that their is always one cool thing that I find that makes me think it was worth it. That product this year was a 3D scanning system that was a small articulated arm. In the demo they scanned a Corvette valve cover in a couple of minutes, and rendered a 3D model with all the detail including the engraving. No idea how much it cost, but this armed with a 3D printer would be a cool deal. Nope, no picture.

To my delight I also went to the AAPEX show which I had never been before. I liked it, not much fluf, just manufactures of parts, OEM’s and the like. Then someone told me about the ‘Basement’. My instructions before going down was to be understood before making the decent. So, here they are –

  • No eye contact with any vendors
  • Do not take any candy from the booths
  • Under no circumstances look interested in any products
  • Keep moving at all times!

Seemed like good advice in general for any trade show, but after a couple of flights of stairs down you begin to fell it start to get warm (you can make the comparison). And we’re in. It a maze of what seems like endless 6’x6′ booths crammed with every OEM import and knockoff part you could imagine. Seems like lots of turbo chargers being made in China these days.

Now on to t he good part, that’s hanging out with friends for a couple of days in Las Vegas. So while the show is the draw, it’s the chatter and conversation that ensued that makes it fun.

Next year? Well might just have to plan for it.

Sandy Ganz

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