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Well after I did the brake job on the Expedition I tossed the pads and warped rotors into the Raybestos boxes and let them sit for a couple of weeks. I was going to either toss the crap and be done with it, but today I decided to see what kind of trouble I could stir up at the local Autozone where I purchased the parts at. It seems that they were purchased a bit over a year ago.

So the part I hate is that crappy rotors are cheaply made and warped under normal driving. The pads still had some meat on them but they were not going to be reused.

The part I love is that I walked in with NO receipt, tossed the rusty parts (Left out in the rain) on the counter and waited for the argument…

Nothing! They looked up my records on the computer and found that the rotors (2 yr) and pads (Lifetime) were still in the system under my account and she walked away for a minuted, brought up 2 new rotors and a box of pads. Had me sign the credit card machine accepting the replacements and I was gone with my parts. Wow, that was easy. Too bad I don’t feel like using the crappy rotors or pads but now I have a spare set and they had to haul away the old ones.

The moral of the story is don’t buy cheap rotors or you will have to do the job twice. I wonder if they really know their is a problem with the rotors as they gave no fuss on the return. Note that this is the second set that had the same issue as well as reported by others on the Autozone website under the part review section.

Here is a link to that project – Expedition Front Brake Jobs


Sandy Ganz

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