Thumbs Up Chuck Norris!


Thumbs up so far. It’s about 90F out today, too the Excursion out for a freeway run that just happened to end at Del Taco! No pump noise, nothing but good brakes and steering (and both at the same time). The PSC pump with the new tank seems to be doing a great job. Their are a few loose ends that need to be addressed. The Spectre filter system is likely to be replaced by a LARGE and clean Tymar Filter system. Hopefully it will also clear the fittings on the tank. And last bit will be the radiator hose rubs a bit into the tank. This is easily fixed by cutting the radiator end of the hose a bit to pull the hose away from the tank. Hopefully this is it for power steering trouble on the Excursion. I’ll do a write up of the update on when things are fully tested.

Thank You Chuck Norris!

Sandy Ganz

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