Excursion Power Steering Again


Well back at it again. My 2003 Ford Power Stroke Excursion has been plagued with the crappy Ford power steering pump. I replaced a couple of rebuilder pump and they all had similar problems. I finally found people that were swapping the rugged GM P-Series pump into the  Super Duty trucks. Results were good but with problems in fitting the large pump housing into the bracketing. I found a pump housing from PSC that supported a remote tank. Long and short of it with a super charged PSC pump and the tank I used the pump just frothed the fluid, swapped a AutoZone rebuilder pump and worked pretty good except the NEW REBUILT pump sounded like it was ready for a rebuild. Go figure.

Enter LEE Mfg in Sun Valley California. Which happens to be a few miles from my home. Talked to the Expert/Owner Tom ‘LEE’ and he looked at my set up and said my set up looked good except for the tank. He said my problem with the GOOD PSC pump was that the way I had the fittings it would be natural for the fluid to froth. He walked into his shop pulled out a new baffled tank and said he would add the extra fitting for they Hydro-boost return.  He was done with the welding and cleaning of the tank in about 10 min. Well I’m hopefully on my way.

Getting right on the project (a few weeks later) I find the fitting was put on the wrong side and it had to be cut off and moved 90 degrees, so back to LEE Mfg. His crew had the job done in few minutes and was on my way. I removed the POS AutoZone rebuilt pump from the housing and swap back in the new PSC Pump. Adapter re-assembled and ready to go back into the Excursion. Having done this a fair number of times it’s easy work.

Pump back in,  and a quick try before putting everything back in (air filter, pipes, etc). Quick fire up and all looks good, no noise and hopefully good after a road test.

So back in with the air box, and finally the air filter lid… OOPS, the new tank has the fitting in a different spot which is towards the top vs. the bottom on my tank and will now not clear the intake hose from the air filter to. CRAP.

So either back for yet another move of the fitting or change the air filter intake hose. Something rang a bell and I had a new in the box Spectre cold air intake that the owner of the company gave me a while back that I was too lazy to put on. Out it comes and after a quick assessment it looks like it clears the tank fittings. Looks nice too, so on it goes.

So far that’s where I’m at. Sorry to keep you hanging to see if the new tank works better, but stay tuned. The original Excursion power steering story here at


Sandy Ganz


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