Jury Selection

jury selection

As promised I would return with more on the jury selection process.  Jury Selection or “Voir dire”  is where the lawyers accept a juror or reject one base on some of the laws set in place many years ago. The problem is that back then people had integrity and honored their civic duty. As mentioned I have been on jury duty many times. Besides the odd and often very nice people you meet you also come across the dick heads.

Case in point –

Dick Head Number one (he was coincidentally bald) – He felt that since he was robbed in some point in his life and that he (speculating here) lost his hair was going to get out of jury duty any why he could. He was a man in his 30’s or so, and living the dream in California. Well when asked the questions about being impartial, the man said he felt the since the accused was sitting there he must be a bum. He was adamant about sharing his feeling about criminals and that he could never be impartial. What a dick, about 50% of the initial jury selection had had a crime committed again them and they were fine. The guy was rejected and on his way out gave the ‘hell ya’, out of here.  It amazes me when asked can you be objective and do you civic duty and people make up some lame reason.

Dick Head Number two – Nice dressed business man, suspenders, swanky suite and yes combed hair! I didn’t catch all the reasons as he was too embarrassed to say it in open court but I did hear the word Narcolepsy I’m pretty sure. Hey buddy I’ll poke you with a sharp pencil and keep you awake.

Dick Head Number three – A Venice beach woman that claimed to be, get ready for it, Clairvoyant! I’m thinking that she could have been useful on the jury, hell I would love to hear how that would have played out. Also not that she was a younger good looking lady, and Dick Head Number One was trying to hit on her. She also would not discuss this magical power in open court but she was released.

And so on…

People also feel it’s necessary to tell of a crime that is thrice or more removed, 10 minute store about a friend of an uncle that had a stereo stolen from a car. I know it’s about disclosure, but if it didn’t happen to you SHUT THE FUCK UP.

And should people be excused? Yes, their are some valid reasons, such as,  poor language skills, health not really understanding the laws and such are a good reason.

The process went on for about 2 days. It was painful. I had no illusions that I would not be on the jury so I was relaxed, no ‘I hope I get kicked off’ anxiety, just try to relax as I listen to bad stories about people trying to weasel their way out of jury duty.

The Judge must be very patient, how can you listen to that crap week after week knowing full well that most people are bullshitting!

Finally we had our panel, and seemed ok. I wondered about 2 of the selection that the prosecutor didn’t reject but would have to wait and see how it when we went to deliberation.

In the prior post I mentioned we were deadlocked 11 guilty 1 not guilty, and the 1 that voted not guilty was not one that I would have expected, until we started deliberations. I think you can have a lot of people with mixed cultures, mix education and all that jazz, but the common denominator for a FAIL is ignorance. Oh well, that’s the way the system is designed to work. Best 2 out of 3 or something like that were it’s pretty darn good but can’t always be perfect.

That’s enough about jury duty and what I’ll potentially call the Idiot Box that I sat in for 2 weeks.

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