Excursion turns 100k


Well it seems the my 2003 Ford Excursion Aka the Jolly Green Giant has clicked past the magical 100,000 mile mark. While I don’t want to jinx my luck the TUV (Truck Utility Vehicle) has been a great truck. The old school 7.3L PSD has had one problem with a leaking injector pump/housing, but other then that nothing. I have put brakes, tires, coolant supplement , etc and regular maintenance and that’s pretty much it. I will say that I’m glad this is not one of the later problematic (IMO) Navistar engines that ended up in the Excursion or Superduty’s. So at 100k I’m hoping that the engine is just getting broken in :). Is 100k anything special? No not really, and I expect a lot more out of this truck before I start to worry.

Sandy aka the Professor


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