Wilwood Hubs Arrived for the Tiger


Well they finally arrived and out to the garage I ran! The hubs are nicely made and look strong. The weight is a couple of pounds at most. The iron ones that were basically 5 lug MustangII / Pinto disk brakes cut down to a hub are a lot heavier. Do you enjoy my accurate descriptions! Well they are nice, I used the new ARP screw in studs (super long too!) and set one up. They do come with the bearing races installed and a nice screw in dust cap, the Wilwood support had mentioned the dust caps were separate so chalk up another one for them being wrong. Never the less, I get a spindle set up and slapped the caliper bracket and hub together. My hope was the offset for the brake bracket would not change. Well FAT CHANCE given the way things have been rolling and as fate has it, it has to change about 0.030 to keep the caliper centered over the rotor. Not a big deal just need to change a small spacer thickness and be done. As soon as I do that I can weld up the mess and do the last bit of drilling and tapping on the brake bracket. Case Closed hopefully. One nice thing is that the CNC made Wilwood hubs have the studs very true, the Chinese iron hubs did not and you needed to force the long studs into the brake hat holes. The long studs with the Wilwood hub slide right in, smooth as glass. These hubs were from the parts bin as used on the Superformance brake upgrade package.

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  1. Sandy April 30, 2009 at 5:24 pm #

    In a panic last night (could be any night) I was thinking that one that was close the tie rod end to the rotor. And then a bell (warning style) went off and I had to see if the offset direction of the Wilwood rotor was not too close. It did move the rotor a bit towards the inside of the spindle but there was more room between the rotor and the tie rod end. Whew. I’m getting paranoid. Now to get the Jr. Lathe I purchased up and running and make some new spacers…

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