Wheels for the Tiger


Had to pick up a set of roller 5 lug rims for the Sunbeam in anticipation of the axle changes. I found another Tiger owner that had used the 2005 16″ Mustang Halibrand style rims with some spacers and it looked pretty good. I found a set off of ebay which was local (save $100 on shipping) and picked them up. The 16″ rims have plenty of room for the 11.75″ brake and Superlite 6 caliper even without the spacer. The wheel offset for these rims are 39mm so a good amount of spacer will be required on the front, maybe .75″ or so as a guess and maybe .5″ for the rear. Baer brakes makes some that can be used with long studs in a lot of sizes so should be easy to get close. The goal is still to use 15″ rims for the race tires but for now these should do just fine. They even included the mock spinner. I should paint them black like ‘The Rippers’ rims, maybe the Tiger needs to be red and black  now 😉

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  1. Sandy April 6, 2009 at 9:05 am #

    I was looking for wheel lugs for these rims and seems 2 types ‘Bulged’ and regular. After some questions on the motorator it seems they can use the bulged versions. That was easy! Off to Summit to get some bulging lug nuts

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