Pebble Beach, Monterey Historic’s, and the Italiano Concorso

Monterey and Pebble Beach

Well just a few more days to go. Me, my cousin, and friends make way to Monterey. While it has been a known issue that I despise car shows I attend this one with a usual glass half full (as I can be) attitude. Actually the Pebble Beach part of the show is the low point for me. I an not too interested in many of the cars that show up (I do enjoy the cheese and wine part). The one with the Ford marquee was a notable exception since a ton of GT40’s were on display. The weekend starts early as we all leave Thursday morning for the drive up out of Los Angeles area. My luck has it I have a dentist appointment that morning, seems I’ll have to hold off on the beef jerky for a while into the trip, but please be assured that it is a meat weekend instore. Back to the trip, the high point for me has almost always been the Historic races. I just love poking around the pits and chatting with a few folks that I know (Sunbeam Tiger guys, Shelby Guys). Another nice part of the trip is the Italiano Concorso. One of the only, and I use the term carefully shows that I ‘Enjoy’. I hope to have a bunch more photo’s and possibly video for those not in attendance. If anyone sees me walking around, please stop and say hi, I will be wearing a hat as ususal.

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  1. Sandy August 18, 2008 at 12:19 pm #

    Pictures are up on Flickr. Here is the link –

    Monterey Historics and Italiano Concorso 2008
    The two sets are Obvious, but just in case, the titles are “Monterey Historics 2008” and the “Italiano Concorso 2008”.

    Lot’s of random pictures of cars…

  2. Sandy August 18, 2008 at 12:49 pm #

    Some comments on the trip now that I have some lunch time to waste…

    One of the best parts of the trip (besides free cheese and wine) is the Italiano, always nice event and very relaxing. Beautiful cars that are often not in the same place at one time, and I am not just talking about the Prancing Horse’s. Can I say Ferrari without being in some sort of trademark violation? Well loads of nice cars, Ferrari, Lamborghini’s, Alfa’s etc. This year was a completely different feel. It was on the Air Field near the ocean (Monterey Airport??). In any case, the event was once step away from going to a car swap meet. The tarmac was not a proper place for these cars. Some were in the gravel and it just lost the mystic of the Blackhawk golf course with the rolling hills. Many people had the same feeling, including the vendors, many of which were absent, including many food vendor. Yes, no sausage sandwich for me. That sounded bad, but it is a necessary part of the Italiano.

    On to the Historics…

    Was only at Laguna Secca for a short while on Saturday. I was hoping to catch some of the non-chitty chitty bang bang cars racing, but that was a wash. All the T/A and related cars I like are later in the afternoon on both Saturday and Sunday. So ate my free food at the Mazda hospitality suite, said hello to famed automotive designer Ian Callum. Then off with a beer to looks at some cars. Line to the pictures is above for those that want to see. I didn’t shoot a lot, but enough to get the general idea of what was in the paddock (that is pits for the yanks). I really missed catching the T/A races, but the entourage had to make it back for the Auctions. Oh well, more free drinks and nice cars to look at.

    Watched a bidding war for 7.2 million dollar Bugatti, and various other cars blow through the many auctions. And let’s not forget the very interesting collection of people that show up to these events. People watching is almost as much fun as the car watching aspect.

    Monterey Historics and Italiano Concorso 2008

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