800hp is the new 500hp

Something Not right...

It seems to never end. Every time I pass a magazine rack you check out the cover car and they boast something like 590hp Civic, 670hp WRX, 800hp (YOUR BRAND HERE), etc. That’s cool, someone modded up a car and made some big hp. But now those numbers are starting to climb for the production cars. No big deal, but too many knot-heads driving them around and showing up at car gathering showing off their pride and joy. Fine, but make sure you know how to drive your car. Just because you have the bread to pick up a Veryon, Porsche GT, etc, learn how to drive your car so I don’t have a nice laugh when I see your car on the Wrecked Exotics Site. It is a bummer when you check out the carnage on that site. And it is not getting any better, cars are getting faster and have more HP every year. And people aren’t getting any smater or better drivers it seems. If you have one of these cars (you know who you are) and think you can drive fast because it handles like a dream, let me know when the pictures are going to be up on the Wrecked Exotics Site. Simple solution, take a high performance driving course where they let you drive YOUR car. Or find out about track event that offer the HPDE (High Performance Driving Event) where you can get an instructor and hit the track and drive as hard as you feel safe AND don’t endanger me. By the way, you can use BLUE tape to keep any rock chips from messing with your paint and I can assure you that the damage from that will be less they you plowing into my Excursion (You will lose).

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