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My friends have been working on a great website to host videos and get technical help on automotive issues. They (The Motorator folks) have built out the site to support video downloads, technical question and answers, and are building a dedicated community of automotive enthusiasts. ‘The Ripper’ has already uploaded a ton of his cool videos from old car commercials, movie clips and promos to racing ‘The Ripper’ and other sorted bits. If you want a nice place that is simple and easy to host your automotive videos this is the place to start. They also have a technical advice section with experts in many areas of automotive knowledge, and don’t forget that you can also help by being an expert on anything that you may be able to help others with. A chance to toss in your 2 Cents! I really like the name, the Motorator has a nice ring like ‘The Ripper’

The site is at

Sample link to ‘The Ripper’ and his new home of video hosting- The Ripper at Willow, Blown Engine

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  1. The Motorator May 16, 2008 at 2:21 am #

    Many thanks to ‘The Ripper’ for this post, and for his terrific contributions to Motorator.
    We are excited to introduce a targeted community for enthusiasts like ‘The Ripper’, where the core content centers on automotive performance.
    If you’re looking to show off your ride, share your latest car clips or get feedback and advice from our experts – check us out at
    Any friend of ‘The Ripper’ is a friend of ours.

    – the Motorator crew

  2. Sandy May 17, 2008 at 8:03 am #

    Well onlty glad to help out with something that will become a really good home for all my Videos and other car chatter! Keep the new features coming.

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